How to Install Printer Driver Without CD – Easy & Fast 3min

How to Install Printer Driver Without cd

If you have completed printer driver download process, now what you should learn is: How to install the printer driver without CD. We know there are several brands of printers, for this reason each installation process is different. Today we will try to cover most of the well-known brands. So after executing the downloaded file, follow the steps related to the printer brand:

Installing A Printer Without A Disc | PrintersOrdi

How to Install Printer Driver Without CD (Canon – Epson – HP)

How to install Canon Printer Drivers

  • Authorize the “Access Authorization” system. The best option is to run as administrator. If you don’t know how to do it, click on the link.
  • This time to connect the “USB cable” between the computer and the printer.
  • Now open “Installer Wizard” that you have installed on your computer.
  • First of all, you must select your “Language”.
  • Then confirm the “License Agreement”.
  • Choose the connection type “Wireless or wired” and press the “Next” button.
  • Select your; Model number and number “and click” Next “again.
  • At the complete installation option, press the “Yes” button.

Wait a few minutes and after completing the printer installation, simply unplug the cable from the printer.

Before starting your print job, you must install your printer with your PC.

However, printer installation errors are very common.

Your printer will not work properly if the installation is unsuccessful.

I hope this guide has been very useful to learn: How to install the printer driver without CD.

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