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About Us

Printers Ordi, is a website specialized in printing devices. Printers Desktop, ink cartridges and printer software. Website to discover free-to-try legal downloads for software drivers installers.

Since our founding, we have cataloged products for Windows, Mac, and other desktop systems. We have since expanded our collection to also include mobile iOS and Android apps across every category, including security, productivity, entertainment, social, and games.

The software and applications in our library go through a rigorous testing process to ensure you a safe and malware-free downloading experience.

Our team members use downloadable content in every facet of our daily lives, and we understand the need for a place that accurately and independently presents detailed information, industry expertise, and media content.

After twenty-five years, PrintersOrdi remains the trusted, safe and secure resource for software and app downloads.

In case you are wondering, or are interested in knowing the meaning of our website, continue reading.

As you know, our website offers a large catalog of drivers, as you may have noticed, the first part is very easy to understand; drivers.

Ordi, for this part we wanted to make it clear that they are installer drivers for pc or computers, but without falling into common words. Ordi was taken from the word Ordinateur “which is written in French”

Now you know where our site name, Drivers Ordi-nateur, is derived from.

Thank you for your interest in visiting us.